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The Black Samurai – Adidas Y3 Qasa High "All Black"

by fuzong posted 2017-06-20

Everybody loves themselves a nice pair of sneakers. Sneakers are light-weight, comfortable and can even be fashionable if the design is done right. Although most sneakers on the market are far away from fashionable footwear, there are lots of attempts on fashion sneakers made by famous designers, in hope to take a share in the ever-growing sneakers market. Most designer sneakers are neither affordable nor durable; they are better suited for styling purposes than anything else. However, these sneakers really stand out from ones from major sports brands. If you are into sneakers that are both comfortable and fashionable, I would definitely recommend getting a pair of nice designer sneakers.

Y3 blk qasa 1
Y3 blk qasa 1

When it comes to the brand Y-3, most people mistakenly believe that it is just another line from Adidas with a fancy name. But Y-3 is actually world class designer Yohji Yamamoto’s fashion line with Adidas. The “Y” is taken from Yamamoto’s initials, and the “3” honors the iconic 3 stripes of Adidas.
The Y-3 Qasa is simplistic yet stylish. The design is understated and composed, with high quality leather body, iconic elastic nylon straps and light-weight black EVA tubular outsole. The Qasa is extremely light-weight and breathable, which makes it surprisingly suitable for active exercises.
The retails price of the Y-3 Qasa sneakers is around 200-300 USD.

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