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Iconic Designer Sneakers - Vol.2

by fuzong posted 2017-06-12

Everybody loves themselves a nice pair of sneakers. Sneakers are light-weight, comfortable and can even be fashionable if the design is done right. Although most sneakers on the market are far away from fashionable footwear, there are lots of attempts on fashion sneakers made by famous designers, in hope to take a share in the ever-growing sneakers market. Most designer sneakers are neither affordable nor durable; they are better suited for styling purposes than anything else. However, these sneakers really stand out from ones from major sports brands. If you are into sneakers that are both comfortable and fashionable, I would definitely recommend getting a pair of nice designer sneakers.

Fendi sneaker 1
Fendi sneaker 1

Fendi ‘Bag Bug’ Sneaker
This sneaker is another one of Fendi’s iconic ‘Bag Bug’ series. In comparison to Valentino’s Rockrunners, the black ‘Bag Bug’ sneakers’ design is more simplistic and more unique.
Except for the rubber soles, the shoes are entirely crafted of fine leather. Although calfskin and suede are not the best material for durability, they surely created an extremely luxurious feel for the shoes. The iconic yellow Bag Bug eyes inlays on the outer sides of the sneakers created additional childish surprise to the design.
The leather eye inlay is only on the outer side of the shoe; on the other side, the eye pattern is created with stitched threads instead.
The heel is made of yellow leather, the same color as the Bag Bug eye inlay. Five metal studs are placed on the heel; they are deliberately designed to look like the Bug’s spiky back fin, or its sharp fangs. These iconic studs bring quite a punch of punk to the shoe’s design.
The original retail price of the ‘Bag Bug’ sneakers is around $900 USD.

Fendi sneaker 2
Fendi sneaker 2
Fendi sneaker 3
Fendi sneaker 3
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