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Legendary fashion designers: Riccardo Tisci

by fuzong posted 2017-06-07

Creative Director of Givenchy (2005 - 2017)

Riccardo tisci 1
Riccardo tisci 1

Riccardo Tisci makes fashion simple, straightforward yet unmistakably unforgettable. Paris is under his charm and the entire fashion community cheers for his brilliance. Riccardo is, without a doubt, a miracle of our time. So join us on a journey to his world, the world of Riccardo Tisci, the latest Creative Director of Givenchy. Riccardo Tisci’s appointment to Givenchy marked the beginning of a new era, an era of cooperation between young fashion designer and old-school fashion brands. Any young fashion designer would understand the risks of working with traditional fashion companies. It’s a sharp blade that cuts both ways; behind every success there are countless cases of failure. With the skyrocketing price of failure in mind, there are less and less people who dare to take the risks. Tisci knew the risks better than anyone, but he didn’t care about how much money he would make or how many shop he can open; as a designer, the only thing he desired was the perfect match. For years, LVMH contacted with multiple young fashion designers based in London, but none worked out. LVMH certainly did not share the same degree of generosity to young designers like it did to someone like Marc Jacobs and John Galliano. Young designers were not allowed to keep their own brands, and 100% dedication to the work at Givenchy was the first condition for cooperation. This is a tough condition to accept, especially for ones who wants to stay true to their own designs. Regard to that, Tisci said that he was honored to be working with Givenchy, and it would be great to connect his vision and idea with the French fashion icon.

Tisci’s Givenchy has long been known for its minimal design style and delicate tailor work, and its classic elegance in the design stands out in the fashion scene. While Alexander McQueen’s aggressiveness and Julien MacDonald’s garishness brought more criticism than applause from the reviewers, Riccardo Tisci brought back the elegance to the brand with his brilliant use of shadow and sculpture. The designer’s talent is not restricted by the rich legacy of the Givenchy brand though, Tisci has the ambition to apply the modern ideologies of himself to the brand. Riccardo is born and bred Italian; he developed his fashion design language in Britain; yet his success has the distinctive mark of Parisian style. In Givenchy, Paris, Riccardo Tisci found his world of fashion, a perfect match.

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