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The Best and Brightest Men's Card Holder to Buy Now

by fuzong posted 2017-07-18

Nowadays people won’t leave their house with a bunch of "essential goods", credit cards, savings cards, cash and so on. While the long wallet and the fold wallet cannot fit in pocket easily, the card holder was born. Card Holder is popular for its small size and convenience. Next, I will introduce several card holders that are perfect for summer.

Thom Browne


Thom Browne has made great success in East Asia recent years, although the price is not cheap, but it has become one of the hottest brand. Especially Thom Browne's shirts and sweaters. This card holder with a glossy black litchi cortex, the middle is Thom Browne classic red and white blue three bars, very simple but beautiful. Priced at about $ 360.



Most people are not familiar with Mention Berluti. Berluti is a subsidiary of the world's luxury giant LVMH, which manufactures and sells men's clothing. Known for calfskin, kangaroo and crocodile skin, especially its shoes and boots. But Berluti also has belts, purses and garments. This card holder is very summery, the front is three different blue and the classic logo. Priced at about $ 290.

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