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The Best Slip-On Sneakers You Can Wear with Everything In Your Closet

by fuzong posted 2017-07-05

Vans OG Classic Slip-On LX
Slip-on sneakers are very ubiquitous these days. And it’s with good reason: the easy-on, easy-off kicks can we be worn with everything from swim trunks to white jeans and, for the more adventurous types and Frank Ocean, a suit. They're the ideal sneaker style for warm weather getaways and weekend coffee runs; all-purpose shoes that somehow look better the more beat-up they get. Now look closely at those slip-on you'll notice a pattern (two actually): they usually have a checkerboard design and they're almost always made by Vans. Since 1977 (back when they were called "style #98") Vans slip-on sneakers have been beloved by skaters and stoners, prepsters and posers (basically everyone) and the SoCal company's checkerboard version might just be the best slip-on sneaker ever made. And right now, the "OG Classic" version of the sneaker is the one you should spend your money on.

Vans 1
Vans 1

The Don't Sweat It Option: Vans Checkerboard Slip-On
The Vans OG Classic Slip-On LX is the more perfect version of the style, but the truth is it's rarely in stock. When they do re-stock, it's at seemingly random times, and they're gone hours later. Point is, if you really want a pair of the OGs, it's best to create Google alert for them. (Pairs on Grailed are pretty easy to come by and hardly ever go for over $100, but still.) Meanwhile, the standard issue version of the Vans slip-ons are the ones that are always available to buy (and still always look great).

Vans kicks
Vans kicks
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