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Hi this is the Kicks4Love鞋侣 team, we are a group of sneaker enthusiasts aiming to provide users with the latest sneaker release date as well as posts regarding the most popular trend. Currently we are still under development stage, which means there could still be some defects and bugs which we are not aware of. If that ever happens, feel free to get in touch with us and tell us what you think about our product. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated : )
In addition to the current pages we provide, we will also introduce a series of features which will significantly boost our user experience. First, we will set up user accounts for each unique user, and we will also implement login options including Facebook and Weibo account authentication. With identification included, users will be able to leave comments in each of our posts so that we can answer their doubts or discuss interesting topics together. Moreover, we will also construct seamless communication to allow users to share their ideas or discuss their opinions.

In our current stage, our primary concern would be accumulating hit-rate for our website and app across all the social media platforms, and when the time comes, we will also set up E-Commerce marketplace to propagate and sell the latest sneakers series. Cheers!!!
So far there are 6 different sections in our platform (Features, Calendar, Trend, On Court, Street Snap and Rumors), and each of which concludes the unique aspects of sneaker news.